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Special Transports

We take care of all kinds of special transports.

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Special transports that require a lot of expertise because goods are oversized should only be carried out by absolute professionals. Above all in Switzerland, where the laws for special transports are regulated by the cantons, mistakes are made particularly quickly and the fine is very expensive. In order to avoid this, THURCARGO handles your transports confidently and safely.

Special Vehicles

In the case of exceptional transports, we can adapt our special vehicles individually to your requests, which enables us to offer an optimal and customized service. This makes even special transports a breeze.


We offer special transports throughout Switzerland, Europe and in special cases worldwide. Special transports means transports that are more challenging than usual truck transports due to the unusual load. If required, our service consists of a complete package: We take care of everything.

This contains:

  • the (special) vehicles

  • the route planning

  • the registrations in the various cantons

  • All formalities

  • if necessary also the customs clearance

The # 1 transport company in Tägerwilen

With over 10 years of experience in the logistics sector, THURCARGO is able to offer a complete range of logistics services. Over-wide, over-sized or over-heavy transports have meanwhile become routine for THURCARGO, so that with our competence we know exactly how we have to act in order to guarantee a smooth transport.

Night driving ban and Sunday driving ban

Everyday from 10pm to 5am, whole Sundays and public holidays, there is a driving ban in Switzerland for:

  • Motor vehicles with a gross vehicle weight over 3,500 kg.

  • Articulated vehicles with a gross vehicle weight over 5,000 kg.

  • Vehicles that have a trailer with a gross vehicle weight over 3,500 kg.

Public holidays 2021 with driving ban in Switzerland

  • New Year

  • Good Friday

  • Easter Monday

  • Driveway

  • Whit Monday

  • August 1st

  • Christmas

  • December 26th (if Christmas is not on Monday or Friday)

This does not apply in cantons on which one of these public holidays is not celebrated.

The solution: special permits

The canton or cantons which the vehicle wants to drive through is responsible for special permits. The canton into which the vehicle is entering is also responsible for imports or transits.

  • THURCARGO organizes all special permits.

  • You need to worry about anything.

  • All from a single source.

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If you are looking for a suitable partner who supports you in transporting goods, you are in excellent hands with THURCARGO.


We have been offering transport and logistics solutions for over 10 years. Today we are one of the most popular freight forwarders in Switzerland and are experts in export and customs clearance.

Customer Focus

For us nothing is more important than offering our customers the best service experience. We always try to improve and like to learn new things every day.


Customized solutions for individual inquiries. We are happy to adapt to all requirements and are open to new special services. Nothing is impossible at THURCARGO.

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