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The #1 forwarding company in Tägerwilen, Kreuzlingen and the surrounding area. We offer individual logistics and transport services. We are on the road for you every day, as a impartial transport company,

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Weißer LKW auf Landstraße durch Schweizer Alpen Strassentransporte

Road transports

Our trucks are on the road around the world every day. We export regulary from Switzerland to other countries and are happy to offer express transports.

Zoll | Douane Schild auf blauem Hintergrund mit Piktogrammen wie Europa, Zollbeamter, Formular und LKW THURCARGO

Custom clearance

Crossing borders can sometimes be nerve-wracking. With THURCARGO by your side, you can lean back comfortably. We handle exports, imports, transits and temporary imports in no time at all.

Mehrere große beschriftete Jute Säcke auf dem Boden Export


The goods should go abroad. But how? No need to worry: THURCARGO takes care of the transport and all of the paperwork, observing all national regulations.

Alter verlassener Zoll Verzollungen


Sometimes it just has to be done quickly. In urgent cases, you can also request extra late collections. This applies to both the weekend and public holidays.

Große Brücke über Gewässer Import


Importing goods from aborad is often tedious and involves a lot of effort. THURCARGO relieves you of this burden, so that you can lean back and relax. Trust in our know-how.

großes Hoch Logistik Regal Lager Lagerhaltung


THURCARGO offers innovative storage solutions with the latest technology standards throughout Switzerland.

Mehrere Kisten in Lagerhalle Zollfreilager

Bonded warehouse

For duty unpaid and untaxed goods, you can book our bonded warehouse, which is close to the zurich airport.

Stehendes Flugzeug welches beladen wird am Flughafen Luftfracht

Air freight

Also above the clouds THURCARGO transports your goods from A to B in the most reliable way. We can ship your goods from any airport. Of course, we will also pick up the goods beforehand at any location.

Großes Containerschiff auf hoher See mit Seefracht

Sea freight

Your goods are safe on the water with THURCARGO. At all ports, we transport your goods over every accessible water.

Water, Air And Earth

THURCARGO handles your loads and transports independently by road, air and water. Of course, the traffic routes can be easily combined. We are on the road for you every day in Switzerland, Europe and around the world. Regardless of the industry, we are able to provide any type of transport or logistics service. Exports from Switzerland to other countries and imports from abroad to Switzerland are part of our core business. Express transports and transports to Eastern Europe are also part of our main business. As a impartial transport company, the discretion is of great importance to us, by offering our services .


If you are looking for a suitable partner who supports you in transporting goods, you are in excellent hands with THURCARGO.


We have been offering transport and logistics solutions for over 10 years. Today we are one of the most popular freight forwarders in Switzerland and are experts in export and customs clearance.

Customer Focus

For us nothing is more important than offering our customers the best service experience. We always try to improve and like to learn new things every day.


Customized solutions for individual inquiries. We are happy to adapt to all requirements and are open to new special services. Nothing is impossible at THURCARGO.

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