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Import into Switzerland from Germany, Austria or from all over the world.

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Autobahnkreuz mit Waldstücken und Import Logistikunternehmen im Hintergrund

What does import mean?

We speak of import when goods are transported or imported from abroad to the domestic country.

Import into Switzerland

Goods worth around 200 billion Swiss francs are imported from Switzerland every year. Switzerland most frequently imports goods from the EU and especially from Germany. Mainly goods such as machines, vehicles, chemicals and fossil fuels are imported.

Who imports goods?

THURCARGO is an expert in the field of import / export. With very long experience, we organize the entire planning and implementation of international transports. In the same way, as a impartial carrier, we clarify all the necessary formalities with the respective customs authorities.

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If you are looking for a suitable partner who supports you in transporting goods, you are in excellent hands with THURCARGO.


We have been offering transport and logistics solutions for over 10 years. Today we are one of the most popular freight forwarders in Switzerland and are experts in export and customs clearance.

Customer Focus

For us nothing is more important than offering our customers the best service experience. We always try to improve and like to learn new things every day.


Customized solutions for individual inquiries. We are happy to adapt to all requirements and are open to new special services. Nothing is impossible at THURCARGO.

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