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Are you searching for the right job in Tägerwilen, Kreuzlingen or Constance?

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At the moment all positions at THURCARGO are filled and unfortunately there are no other vacancies right now.
However, we are looking forward to receive unsolicited applications.
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You can find our company values ​​here!

Our Values
Zwei Personen arbeiten zusammen an einem Tisch mit zwei Laptops Papier und Stiften Karriere

The Right Employer

Finding the right employer is not always that easy. We probably see the employer-employee relationship differently than most other companies: With us, the employee, the colleague, is much more like a partner than an employee. At Thurcargo we have flat hierarchies, we are on an equal footing. Our employees live generally nearby and we support them by finding a nice home. We can be reached very quickly and easily from Konstanz and Kreuzlingen. The connection to public transport is great. There is also plenty of parking space for cars, mopeds and bicycles.


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