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Bonded warehouse

The bonded warehouse in Switzerland. With THURCARGO, you can easily store duty-unpaid and untaxed goods in Switzerland. We store your goods close to Zurich Airport.

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What is a bonded warehouse?

A bonded warehouse is a warehouse in which goods are temporarily stored, duty unpaid and untaxed.

Why bonded warehouse?

There are various purposes and uses for bonded warehouses. For example, a southern German company would like to introduce its products to the United States (USA) and the nearest airport is located in Zurich (CH). So that the company does not have to pay tax on your goods in Switzerland, it needs a transit storage in Switzerland, a bonded warehouse. The company's goods arrive via a transit procedure from the German / Swiss border (e.g. Konstanz / Kreuzlingen) to the bonded warehouse in e.g. Pfungen.

How long can goods be stored in a bonded warehouse?

In general, goods can be stored in the bonded warehouse for an unlimited period of time. For economic reasons, however, very long storage over several months should be avoided. Locations bonded warehouse? THURCARGO offers storage facilities for goods and goods at various locations and, with their long experience, are experts in the field of duty-free warehouses. With their warehouse in Pfungen, they are close to Zurich Airport and thus have ideal conditions for a duty-free warehouse.

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